Lucinda’s inspiration comes from the spirit and the body that we temporarily occupy. It is the inner qualities of peace and clarity that she is most concerned with and this is reflected in the Fragments and the newest, Serenity Collections.

Garden Art

The garden is a place of serenity, a place where one can be in harmony with nature, observing the beauty in the changing seasons.  Enhancing these outdoor spaces is a pleasure as I have always longed to surround myself with beautiful pieces of my own creation.


The last decade has seen the art of the jeweller really flourish. Design and narrative have become so important that the unimaginative diamond solitaire is almost a thing of the past. Instead designers aim to tell a story, create a mood or capture a moment, in the same way a painter would approach his work.


Throughout the world the last decade has seen a flowering of decorative textiles for furnishing and fashion, and of textiles as high art, while textile crafts and home weaving have enjoyed their own resurgence. Textiles are now a fast developing field nurtured by extraordinary public interest in many countries.